"My daughter is the reason I started my brand and your children can ignite creativity and passion that you didn’t know you had."—Candice Cox, Founder of Candid Art Kids

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Illustration of Candice Cox and daughter


Skin Care

The Regulars Bundle: 3-step Solution to Sensitive Skin

If your fam struggles with sensitives skin, consistency is key! Instead of treating dryness or eczema-prone spots as they come up we recommend a simple skincare routine to keep your little one hydrated and happy. The Regulars Bundle has everything [...]

5 Tubby Skincare Tips for Spring

Changing seasons can be tough on sensitive skin, right?! With little ones spending more time outdoors, some of our biggest springtime skin concerns are sunburn, dryness, eczema-prone flare ups and keeping skin clean—because oh hey, dirt, chlorine [...]

3 2020 Skincare Rituals We’re Taking into the New Year

2020 is officially over and we’re doing our best to look back at some of the positive things that happened since it was a tough year for so so many of us. One thing that we’re taking with us into the new year is a set of new and improved [...]

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