2018 Tubby Todd Gift Guide

This one goes out to all the last-minute shoppers who are currently panicking about what to get everyone! (Don’t worry, that’s us too). The holidays are obviously amazing, but can also come with anxiety and some mental breakdowns. In that spirit, we are going to make your life a whole lot easier by unveiling the 2018 Tubby Todd Gift Guide! We did something a little different this year and thought about all of the people we all have to buy gifts for (seems like a never-ending list) and chose our fav products for them.
From newborn to toddler to teacher, don’t you worry mama, we’ll have them covered from head to toe in Tubby Todd before you know it. Take a look at what we have dreamed up for all of you gift givers:

FOR YOUR NEWBORN—Who you want to buy presents for but has no idea what’s going on.

-Baby Massage Oil for that deep parent & baby connection.
-Washcloth Set for those messy mornings and constant spit-up.
-All Over Ointment for, well, basically everything. 😉

FOR YOUR TODDLER—Who, at this point, has splashed more water out of the tub than in. So fun right?

-Basics Bundle to cover all of the basics of soft, healthy skin.
-Olive the Deer by Oli & Co. for festive nights in the bath.
-Bath Bomb Bundle for endless bath time fun, fizz and color!

FOR YOUR BIG KID—Who keeps borrowing all of your products so you may as well get them some of their own.

-Lip Balm Set, one for their backpack and one for their pocket.
-Tubby Hair Bundle for those swaggy curls and ever-changing bang trends.

FOR TEACHERS—So they can have soft hands, healthy skin and well-behaved students!

-All Over Ointment for that behind the desk application on their hands and arms.
-Dream Cream for by the classroom sink.
-Mama Freshening Spray for a little mid-day spritz!

FOR YOUR OUT OF TOWN LOVED ONES—Who you wish you could be with on Christmas Day so you send them some Tubby love.

-Tubby Holiday Gift Set so everyone in the family is covered!

STOCKING STUFFERS FOR EVERYONE —Who’s faces light up when they see little Tubby goodies popping out of their stockings.

-Lip Balm Set because they just smell sooooo good.
-Washcloth Set for bath time play time and fun.
-Tubby Noel Bundle to keep the winter scents going through the new year!

FOR THE SENSITIVE SKINNED BABE—Who’s soft skin deserves to be flawless, moisturized and healthy.

-The Regulars so your babes will regularly be lathered in our Hair & Body Wash, Everyday Lotion, and All Over Ointment.
We hope you enjoyed our 2018 Tubby Todd Gift Guide! Wishing you and your families a very Tubby holiday season and we can’t wait to see what you shop for. Use hashtag #tubbytodd or tag us on Instagram so we can repost your holiday bath time festivities.
xx Team Tubby
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