5 Tips for Healing a C-Section

Welcoming a new baby is so emotional in all the best ways! Its a time to enjoy your new family, heal your mind and body, and bond with your little one. No matter how you’ve given birth, you’ve spent the last nine months growing a human—that’s no small feat, so give yourself some credit during the healing process. Not to mention when major surgery is added into the mix, we’ve got a bit of an extra challenge on our hands.

At Tubby Todd we like to give you simple-step laid out solutions for some of the main experiences that you and your little ones go through. Let’s talk about some of the most important tips for healing your c-section wound.

Lather up in All Over Ointment

For starters, be sure to carefully dab All Over Ointment between your bandage and your scar. This will help the healing process by soothing the wound itself and the plant-based extracts like jojoba, beeswax, and honeysuckle will naturally soothe the entire area.

Your pillow is your new best friend

Constantly have cool, clean pillow with you for abdominal support when you are sleeping, sitting, nursing, or if you have to cough or sneeze. It will make you feel a little better too, just for that soft fuzzy feeling. 😉

Clean eating means clean wound

This one seems obvious, but do your very best to have a nourishing diet (full of protein, yummy vegetables, and grains), drinking PLENTY of fluids (try to stay away from sugary drinks because bacteria thrives on sugar), and constantly walk around and get your everyday movements as normal as they can be in order to speed up the healing process.

All the meds

To be frank, you just grew a baby inside of you for 9 months and also had a major surgery—It’s okay to take medicine when you need it. Trust that your doctor will prescribe you a good remedy for the healing process—after all, he did just bring your baby into the world. In addition to what you’re given, make sure that you’re getting all of your daily vitamins whether it’s through your food, tablets, or another way, but any deficiencies have the potential to cause problems—especially in an area that is trying to heal.

A little R&R never hurt anybody

Surprisingly, rest & recovery can be the MOST challenging thing to remember. Moms sometimes think they will be able to pick right back up where they started before baby—while this is true for some moms, for a majority it’s not! You’re used to managing everything around the house, walking around, going here, going there, so do us all a favor and just put your life of PAUSE for like 6 weeks or so. That same table top will be dirty now and in six weeks after you’ve given your body adequate time to recover from labor.

xx Team Tubby

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