Halloween Favorites for Kiddos
We’re celebrating spooky season with our limited edition Black Cat Boogie Gift Set—but we’re not stopping there! Get prepped for some Halloween fun with an extra cute costume idea, sugar-free Halloween activities and more!
  1. Cozy Cuddles—These extra soft and fuzzy Saranoni blankets are perfect for cozy cuddle time after trick-or-treating fun.
  2. Spooky Storytime—We love keeping kiddos interested in ready by swapping out books with the season. Add “Happy Halloween from the Very Busy Spider” and “Creepy Carrots” to your collection.
  3. Cute costume—You know we couldn’t resist a rubber ducky costume. Extra points if you can DIY a bathtub to go with!
  4. Warm Layers—Keep babe warm if the temps are low by layering these comfy Plain Jane pjs under any costume.
  5. Bathtime Party—Looking for a relaxing way to help little ones wind down from that sugar high? This Black Cat Boogie bathtime treat is sure to do the trick.
  6. Sticker Fun—Here’s an easy Halloween activity that doesn’t involve candy (ok it does, but only the pretend kind!). We love all the options from our friends at Pipsticks!

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