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Back to School Skincare Routine

We all know the fall season can be stressful with back to school, changing weather and adjusting schedules. With so many of us doing distance learning or some other form of altered schoolwork this year we are feeling that stress in a whole new way! Not only is there a to do list a mile long, but both little ones and mamas need to prepare emotionally for the major transition. The easiest way to alleviate the stress of the new school year and changing season is by establishing a reliable routine for your little one to follow. Below are our suggestions for creating easy, stress-free routines for the new school year.

Before-school Morning Routine

Structured morning routines are the easiest way to help your little ones get out the door with the least amount of drama. Here are some products to get your babe looking stylish before they are ready to go, and a few more that they can take with them to use throughout the day!

  1. Tubby Toothpaste first thing in the morning to establish a good brushing routine (check out our best tips for fun brushing and download a free chart to help your babe keep track!)
  2. Yummy Lemon Detangler to help comb through those overnight knots and tangles for a fresh hairdo.
  3. Mineral Sunstick to apply before your little ones head out the door for playtime. We like to keep it in a kitchen drawer instead of the bathroom so you can do a quick swipe right before they leave the house.
  4. Hand Sanitizer to keep on hand and spritz little mitts as needed.

After-school Nighttime Routine

It’s so important to help your little ones wind down from all the energy and excitement of the school day. Make bathtime a nightly routine that they can look forward to—it’s a great time to connect and help them feel cozy and relaxed! Use our Black Cat Boogie Hair + Body Wash in our yummy Cherry Spice for lots of bubbly fun (try it with our Bath Bombs for an extra fizzy tub time treat!).

After bathtime be sure to moisturize with Everyday Lotion and spot-treat any dry areas with All Over Ointment to lock in all that yummy hydration. This will give your kiddos the softest skin before getting in their PJs and they will go to bed feeling clean, cozy, and confident.

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