As winter approaches, your babes are going to need as much help as they can get to be protected from the inevitable winter cold. That’s why we created our latest product, Chest Rub! Read about some of the best uses for our Organic Chest Rub:

On runny, stuffy noses

The essential oil blend of sunflower, olive, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree help break up runny noses and ease burning sensations from mucus. Once rubbed on the chest, these scent from the formula will takeover and help clear out those noses.

For sore or tired muscles

Babies are constantly in motion, and just like adults, their bodies get tired from their daily and on-the-go routines. As you massage the Rub onto their chests, shoulders, and neck the aromatic essential oil blend will help relax their teeny tiny muscles, giving them a sense of calm and ease.

To prevent that nasty winter cold

Tea Tree Oil is very common with helping to soothe those awful winter colds. Even if your babe isn’t visibly sick, apply the Chest Rub every night before bed to help keep their nasal passages clear and healthy.

In addition, here are some recommendations for use:

Our Chest Rub doesn’t contain menthol, so it is recommended for babies older than 3 months. Also, avoid little faces and eyes while applying the Rub to your babe’s chest.

We hope our Chest Rub can help a babe in your family this winter! Let us know what your favorite uses are below.


xx Team Tubby

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