Four Favorite Mama-approved Uses for Baby Massage Oil

Our Baby Massage Oil is a skincare superhero filled with USDA certified organic ingredients that condition and hydrate skin leaving it buttery soft (like seriously, SO SOFT). We developed our oil with Baby Massage in mind (check out the benefits here!) BUT it’s not just for babies! Below are four of our favorite ways to use our oil that prove it’s perfect for mamas, too!

1. Condition dry hair or split ends 
Winter wind and cold temperatures can be extra hard on on those mama manes! Condition and hydrate dry or damaged hair by rubbing some massage oil between your hands and running it through the ends of damp hair!

2. Mix a little in with your moisturizer for custom hydration during dry seasons
While our moisturizers are hydrating on their own, we love giving them a little boost with some oil! Add a couple of drops to your Everyday Lotion or Dream Cream right after the shower or before bed and let those organic ingredients work their magic.

3. Draw yourself a grown-up bath 
While it’s safe to say we’re pretty obsessed with bubble baths, sometimes after a long day a mama needs to treat herself to a little grown-up time! Next time you’re looking for a little pampering, draw yourself a nice, warm bath and mix in a few drops of Oil with some Epsom salts, or even some honey!

4. After shaving 
Do you ever get extra dry skin during the cooler months after shaving your legs? US TOO. Right after your shower when your skin is still just a little damp, try smoothing on some oil to get that deep hydration that your skin needs!

Go ahead and borrow that bottle of Baby Massage Oil for yourself, Mama, we promise your little one won’t mind!

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