Four Steps to Treating Chapped Skin

Now that back to school is over (thank goodness), we can start to focus on how to keep your babe’s skin moisturized during the cooler more dry fall months.

Let’s talk about a simple 4 step solution to treating dry, chapped skin.

Step 1: Everything starts with a Bubble Bath

  • Get the warm water running in your tub and gather your kiddos for bath time with Bubble Bath
  • Pour the Bubble Bath directly underneath the running water for some bomb bubbles
  • Fill the tub halfway so you have some extra room for Hair & Body Wash

Step 2: All good things come from Hair & Body Wash

  • Once your kiddos are settled in the bubble bath, get their hair wet, put one squeeze of Hair & Body Wash in your hand and rub, rub, rub
  • Be sure to wash them from head to toe for ultimate hydration of the skin
  • Once you’ve rinsed all of the Wash off, drain the tub and get your babes cozied up in some fresh, warm towels

Step 3: The Dreamiest Cream of them all

  • Now that all of the kids are clean and dry, go ahead and lay them down for some thorough Dream Cream application
  • Dream Cream will act as a protectant for the skin from harsh elements like the fall wind, colder weather, and harsh sun
  • This cream will hydrate and moisturize your babe’s skin from getting rough, cracking, and chapped

Step 4: Always end the the All Over Ointment

  • After applying Dream Cream, go ahead and add All Over Ointment to the parts of the skin that need an EXTRA boost of protection
  • Ointment is perfect for spot treatment on the roughest and most dry patches on your little one’s skin
  • If you just want a top layer of protection, apply AOO on the most exposed parts of the body to seal in moisture

And just like that, you and your little ones are set for the Fall season! Share our 4-step remedy with your friends to help them be in the know.

xx Tubby Todd

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