Hacks for Applying Sunscreen

Figuring out how to get sunscreen on your kids without them having a complete meltdown is like trying to get eight full hours of sleep—a parent can dream, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Not just with our PLAY Mineral Sunscreen & Sunstick, but with some life hacks on how to get your babes to sit still for more than ten seconds in order to keep their skin safe from the sun. Enter, Tubby Todd life hacks for parents:

Make sunscreen application fun!

There are plenty of ways to make application a fun experience! Try making it a race and saying “let’s see who can get their entire bodies covered the fastest!” or something along those lines—no kid can resist winning.

Follow the leader

Another thing kids are experts at is mimicking others! Try the approach of being a good role model for them and letting them know that without sunscreen, their skin could get burned and it could be painful! Apply PLAY Mineral Sunscreen or Sunstick on yourself first, and watch your kids follow.

Pro tip—apply before you leave

Applying sunscreen on the beach is a potential disaster. It’s chaotic, windy, messy and somewhat painful when sand gets mixed in. Be sure to apply your PLAY Mineral Sunscreen or Sunstick before leaving the house or in the parking lot of your location. That way, there are less distractions and it is easier to focus on proper coverage and application.

Rub, rub, rub!

Now that you’re an expert on ways to apply sunscreen on your kids, here are some good tips for actually getting that sunscreen rubbed in! Apply PLAY Mineral Sunscreen or Sunstick liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. For best application, rub, rub rub! Reapply after 80 minutes of sweating & swimming OR every two hours.

For more info on our PLAY Sunscreen Products, visit Tubby Todd Sun School where you can find more facts on our ingredients and best practices. We can’t wait to see how you PLAY! Use #goodcleansun on Instagram. Head to tubbytodd.com to shop PLAY Mineral Sunscreen and our new PLAY Mineral Sunstick.

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