pH Balance

Is your little one prone to UTIs? Here’s why other bubble baths might be causing them problems: Normal healthy skin has potential of hydrogen (or a pH) range of 5.4-5.9. Use of soap with high pH causes an increase in skin pH, which in turn can cause an increase in irritability, leading to infections like a UTI! Most soaps and bubble baths have a pH of 9-10, while the Tubby Todd Bubble Bath is as mild as they come with a pH level of 5.5, which makes it agreeable with almost all types of skin from newborn to adult and for all genders too.

*NOTE: We always recommend washing your little one with clear water after any bath to ensure all of the soap residue is gone! 

Dry, Flaky Skin

When kids soak for a really long time in the bath with artificial ingredients, they are more susceptible to dry, irritated skin. Tubby Todd Bubble Bath is scented with natural fragrances and aromatic extracts. These ingredients do not irritate skin, but actually replenish and hydrate skin—leaving little ones smooth and soft. Our Bubble Bath is perfect for babes with sensitive or eczema prone skin.

Toxin Free

Most bubble bath formulas have artificial fragrances and ingredients, so don’t be fooled by the yummy smells and bubbles. Artificial fragrances are usually a sign that a soap might contain harmful ingredients, so be on the lookout. Our Bubble Bath soap uses only natural fragrances, and preservatives, keeping it safe and still creating tons o’ bubbles. You can now feel comfortable allowing your little ones to soak and play.

Have a question about our Tubby Todd Bubble Bath? Interested in what we put in there to make it smell so good? Check out our ingredients, or send us a message—we would love to chat with you.

xx Team Tubby

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