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Introducing the Cozy Line

At Tubby Todd, we cover you and your family head to toe in yummy smelling body wash, sudsy bubble bath, and lathery lotions. What if we told you we can now cover your little ones head to toe with a Children’s Bathrobe and Washcloths? Introducing the Cozy Line by Tubby Todd—creating dreamy bathtime moments in and out of the tub.

Behind the Cozy Line

We’re all about delivering products to your home that create lasting memories and help your sensitive skinned babes (and you!) have the softest and healthiest skin possible. Our inspiration for the Cozy Line comes from wanting you to have Tubby Todd in EVERY corner of your house, not just near the tub.

The Children’s Bathrobe

After washing your little ones in our natural bath time products, help them out with open arms into our new Children’s Bathrobe. This fuzzy, warm Robe come with an oversized hood, two fleece lined pockets and a loop belt for a fitted wrap. Order our Bathrobe individually or as a part of our Holiday Gift Set. Coming in our signature Butter Cream color, our Bathrobe is perfect for post-bath giggles and will help you and your little ones connect through good, clean fun.


Also a part of our new Cozy Line are our new Muslin Washcloth Set. Just as our soap is natural and fragrant, our Washcloths are soft and cozy! Perfect for bath time cleaning, night time pampering, and a diaper bag. Our Washcloths come in a 4-pack so you can have one in every corner of parenthood. Made out of 100% Muslin cotton, our Washcloths are the perfect bath towel for your newborn or burp cloth for your babe. Use for your baby (and you too!)—they won’t irritate or scratch delicate skin.

More to Come

As we introduce new products to the Cozy Line, we are excited to hear your feedback and ideas on different products we can unveil that let you have Tubby Todd in your corner (every corner of your home!) Leave a comment below with your suggestions! Time to get cozy with Tubby Todd.


xx Team Tubby