Kat’s Eczema Story

Meet Kat Finney—New Orleans mama to two baby girls and blogger for The Sister Post. Her daughter Miriam was suffering from terrible eczema, until she found Tubby Todd All Over Ointment. Read about her journey with AOO and how it has changed her daughter Miriam’s life!

Q: Hi, Kat! Can you tell us about the products you were using before you found Tubby Todd?

A: Before @tubbytodd we were trying about 1-2 new lotions a week. I think we may have spent close to $1000 on creams and ointments to try to tame her eczema, but the only thing that worked was steroid cream. Since I don’t want to only be using steroids, I kept trying and trying new lotions.

Q: How did you then finally find our miracle cream?

A: Then a few of you on Instagram and one of my best friends @jessie.dupre recommended this as a miracle solution. I honestly thought it was going to be like all the other creams. But after a few days, I saw a difference—I felt a difference—in Miriam’s skin.

Q: What is your daily skincare routine for Miriam?

A: We aren’t only using Tubby Todd; Miriam’s eczema is severe. We use Eucrisa twice daily, and occasionally we need steroids. But I honestly have seen a change in my child over the past two weeks since we started using @tubbytodd. Her skin feels normal again. It feels soft, like a kid’s skin should feel. She took a bath a few days ago and actually played in the tub instead of sitting there scratching herself.

Q: What would your advice be to other moms looking for a skincare solution for their little ones?

A: It’s making me emotional to type about it, but I just want to share our skincare routine for her in case any of you are struggling with eczema for yourself or for your kids. I know other creams may work better or this one may not work for you, but I pray if you’re struggling with eczema you know you’re not alone and I’m praying for you. And thanks to @tubbytodd for changing our lives – that is no exaggeration.

To read more about Kat Finney & Miriam’s experience using All Over Ointment, take a look at her Instagram post talking about how long she’s waited to be able to share this kind of news. Fun fact: She was almost scared to even say anything about her success because the New Orleans superstition in her made her worry everything would go back to how it was before. So glad you found us, Kat & Miriam!

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