On Why We Started The Mama Blog

A few years ago, when my husband Brian and I started Tubby Todd, we saw it as a solution for our little ones’ sensitive skin and a fun way to work together. But it has grown into something more powerful than we could have ever imagined. To our surprise, these all-natural skin care products have facilitated the creation of a beautiful community where mamas can connect on how to care for their little ones and themselves. I wrote this book because I love the Tubby Todd Mamas!

From this online community we’ve seen the need for a more supportive, nonjudgemental place for women to share their concerns. As Mamas we know that we will not ever be able to fully care for our little ones until we are first caring for ourselves, but sometimes it is difficult to make self-care a priority. So in order to support our Tubby Todd Mama community, we’ve collected the best advice from experts into a personal guide that will shed new light on the mysterious world of self-care as a mother, The Mama Blog! This guide provides exercises, tools, and personal anecdotes to help busy moms find the mental, emotional, and physical strength they need. Our goal is to leave our Mamas energized and more capable of caring for their families and themselves.

You Mamas are sincere and committed to providing the best care for your little ones.
I love and honor that in each of you. Between work, social media, housework, spit up, caring for your partner, and health challenges, life can be ROUGH. We need a little reminder that we got this—and, we’re actually doing a freaking good job! Because we are, right? Right!

Let us know what kind of content you want to see from us! How can we help you in your everyday? Join our Mama Facebook Group and subscribe to our email list to be in the know of all things Mama. We can’t wait to hear your feedback—it makes us better and it helps us help YOU!

This was taken from Andrea Faulkner William’s book, You’ve Got This, Mama—available on tubbytodd.com.


xx Team Tubby

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