One of our most frequently asked questions is about Keratosis Pilarias (KP), a common skin condition, which appears as tiny bumps on the skin, easily confused with eczema or psoriasis. KP is also known as chicken skin, because of all of the little bumps that look like goosebumps or small pimples. These rough-feeling bumps are actually plugs of dead skin cells that show up on the upper arms and thighs. Your babes may have these bumps on their cheeks too.

Long term, KP is harmless, but your little ones might be itchy, have dry spots, and have red bumps on their bodies. Hear from Tubby Todd customers on how they used our products to help soothe KP.

Customers who have found success:

“I have KP and your products have done wonders for my skin!! I can barely feel the bumps anymore. I use All Over Ointment on my arms every day. I’ve tried all the prescription and OTC lotions and creams for KP but most of those either made my skin burn or did absolutely nothing. I’m also an elementary school teacher and wash my hands constantly. Without All Over Ointment my hands would be so raw. Your products are extremely high quality and worth every penny!”

“I have Keratosis Pilaris and I’ve tried so many lotions, creams, & ointments but most of them just burned or made my skin itch. I just purchased Tubby Todd’s Dream Cream about two weeks ago. I am in love! No more burning, no more rushing to the bathtub to wash off the lotion that is making things worse. I cried tears of joy for having such relief!”

Tubby Todd Steps for soothing KP:

1. Wash your littles ones (or yourself!) in Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash to help relieve the skin of itching and burning and to give the skin a clean surface.

2. After bath time, apply Dream Cream to the entire body to help protect skin from harsh elements while keeping it moisturized and strong.

3. Apply All Over Ointment (AOO) to irritated spots on the skin! Spot treat for best results, although if the skin has bumps all over it, apply all over the body.

If you know someone suffering from the effects of KP, let them know about this three-step soothing process. Have a question about how to use our products to sooth sensitive skin? Leave it below!

xx Team Tubby

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