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Take a Virtual Tour of the Tub Hub Office/Retail Space

Design by: BEX Studios // Photos by: Weston Fuller

Last year we packed up the tub and moved to a brand new (to us) office and retail space in Carlsbad, CA. We got right to work on a full renovation of our new Tub Hub space with our incredible designer, BEX Studios. After months and months of dust, color choices, design ideas, tile selection back-and-forth, artwork decisions we finally had our dream Tubby Todd headquarters and we were so excited to welcome all of our local Tubby Todd families to shop with us.

BAM. Go figure that a nationwide pandemic hit right as we were ready to open up the Tub Hub for all of you to see (thanks a TON, Covid-19) so we had to close up shop and have been working from home ever since. We aren’t quite able to welcome you all back just yet BUT we are so excited to take you on a virtual tour of the new Tub Hub today here on the blog! Check it all out below, we can’t wait for you to see it!

From Andrea: “If you have to go to work, you might as well love to be there, right? So many of our team members have babies of their own, and I have always dreamt of having a space for them to be able to come and be focused and think creatively while away from their homes. To me, this means having an open, inviting space that has areas for collaborative meetings, independent work and even areas to unwind.

I am so happy with the way our space turned out because it meets all of the functional needs of an office (comfortable cubicles, open conference rooms, and comfy furniture to have team meetings) but it also meets some more specific needs of our team. We have two private call rooms for team members to hop on calls so they can have privacy and some focused work time if needed, we have a fridge stocked full of goodies and even a private nursing lounge with a comfy recliner for our nursing mamas. For me, The Tub Hub is truly our home away from home and I hope our team feels that way as well.”

Top: Retail space // Bottom: Office areas

Shopping in the front, party in the back

Ok just kidding—working in the back! The party is all up front. We wanted our retail space to be bright and open with easy access to all those bubbly goodies! Once we’re back in action you’ll be able to come and get up close and personal to test/sample/smell any of our products. We also HAD to bring the tub with us so all the cute kiddos who come visit can still have their Tub Hub photo op!

For our team Tubby office areas we wanted to design spaces with lots of natural light and creative inspiration—the green couch made it to the new office too! (TT superfans might just recognize it from Andrea’s Pregnancy! Week by Week series)

Hello refill stations!

One of the things we’re most looking forward to when we reopen is our newly expanded refill options! We began offering Hair + Body Wash refills in 2019 and one of our biggest goals in becoming a more sustainable brand was to expand these options for our local customers! The new Tub Hub space will have more refill stations with a wider variety of products available so you can reduce and reuse those Tubby containers!

Restroom // Kitchen

Extra cute sinks please

Any chance to show off our Tubby goodies and you KNOW we’re gonna take it! We took an extra long time designing our bathrooms with fun pops of color and personality like the one pictured above, sporting our signature Tubby Todd blue for the tiles and our original doodleprint on the wallpaper as an extra fun throwback!

The kitchen area was also super important (because, you know, snacks) and we made sure to include our Team Tubby values so that we never forget them.

For me, The Tub Hub is truly our home away from home and I hope our team feels that way as well. —Andrea Faulkner Williams

Where the Tubby magic happens

Our office space got a major upgrade as the team continues to grow! Our new space has a brand new seating area and a fancy new conference room for all our extra important meetings where we talk about the perfect kind of suds and cute chubby babies (no really, we actually do talk about those things in a lot of our meetings).

We can’t wait for all the exciting growth and good clean fun that will go down in this space in the years to come! Click here to sign up for our email newsletter and be the first to know when we’re finally able to re-open the Tub Hub so you can come see it for yourself.

xx, Team Tubby

Until we’re able to welcome everyone back to the Tub Hub, you can shop all of our bubbly, bodycare basics on!


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