The Three Benefits of Natural Deodorizer

Each of our products contain our exclusive Botanical Shield Formula—the formula is packed with plant extracts and protects, hydrates, and refreshes. In our Baby Fresh Spray we have now added a natural deodorizer and are calling this new, improved formula “Botanical Shield FRESH!“. With that same Sweet Quince & Honeysuckle scent, and now with a new deodorizing and freshening quality. Here are some of the benefits of our new and improved Baby Fresh Spray that is now equipped with a natural deodorizer:

Safe for Skin on Skin Contact

Whether you are nursing, cuddling, or holding your babe, any product you have on your skin will be transferred on to them! Staying away from synthetic deodorants or perfumes will keep you and your little one safe from toxins and artificial fragrances. Our new Baby Fresh formula is strong enough for parents and gentle enough for little ones.

On-the-Go Spray

Baby Fresh Spray can be used ANYWHERE and on ANYTHING. Whether you are on-the-go or at home, Baby Fresh Spray can be used for from head to toe on yourself, your babe, linens, towels, diaper bags, cradles, carseats—basically anything! It is safe for linens that are soiled by sweat, spit up and lingering diaper change smells between washes. Also, a beautiful way to keep mamas fresh during prenatal and postpartum.

Dual Purpose

Baby Fresh Spray keeps sensitive skinned babes fresh between baths—not only will it naturally deodorize, but it will hydrate skin with essential oils and natural extracts.

Let us know how you like our new Baby Fresh Spray by leaving a review after you order! We are excited to hear your thoughts and experience with the product.


xx Team Tubby

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