New to Tubby Todd or just wanting to dive further into building the perfect skincare routine for your babe, kiddo, or yourself? Well first off—WELCOME! We’re so glad you’re here. At Tubby Todd we believe in good clean fun bodycare basics. Our focus is on simple but effective ingredients that are gentle enough for little ones, and impressive enough for moms (And dads! And grandparents! And everyone!).

Below we’ve broken our Tubby essentials into three basic categories so you’ll know where to use each product in your routine and a little bit more about it’s ingredients and how it works. Still have a TTQ (Tubby Todd Query) or see something that we didn’t address? Shoot us a quick email at or DM us on Instagram, we love chatting about roly poly babies, bubbly bathtime, skincare, ingredients, dance party playlists—we guarantee we’ll have an A to your Q!

When to use: During bathtime am, pm or pb (post blowout)

Hair + Body Wash — A pure, hypoallergenic wash that really lathers like it matters! One small squeeze is all you need to leave skin and hair squeaky clean. Bonus, HBW won’t strip moisture!

Bubble Bath — The mild pH and natural fragrance blend made of only aromatic raw materials mean that these bubbles are tubfuls of fun AND safe for sensitive skin.

Bath Bombs — Is your tub time missing the fizz factor? Your little one will be begging for bathtime with our fizzy Bath Bombs, made with gentle ingredients and a tiny bit of food grade color that won’t stain skin, towels or tub.

When to use: Right after bathtime/before bedtime on clean skin is our favorite

Everyday Lotion — The lightest of our moisturizer family, EDL is super smooth and gives babe a perfect base layer of hydration with ingredients like shea and cocoa butter.

Dream Cream — With a thick, creamy body butter texture and soothing citrus and mint scent, Dream Cream works wonders for dry skin and can be used for that little bit of extra moisture.

All Over Ointment — The Tubby Todd MPV, AOO is literally a balm for everything! Use it on top of your babe’s base moisturizer to spot-treat extra dry or eczema-prone areas and seal in alllll that hydration.

Baby Massage Oil — An extra special treat for mama and babe with a side of skin to skin bonding, our massage oil has so many benefits. USDA Certified Organic ingredients make this silky blend ultra nourishing for sweet, sensitive skin.

When to use: Throughout the day depending on your family’s needs

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Paste — If you have a little on in diapers Sweet Cheeks is a must to prevent diaper rash and irritation! With 14% zinc oxide to seal out wetness PLUS coconut oil and shea to soothe irritated skin your babe will have one seriously soft bum.

Tubby Toothpaste — Perfect for older kiddos and littler ones too, our fluoride-free Toothpaste comes in two tasty flavors (Sweet Mint and Yummy Watermelon) and contains xylitol to help fight icky bacteria and keep teeth clean.

Mineral SPF — A non-negotiable for every sun-lovin’ babe! Our Mineral Sunscreen or Sunstick are reef-safe and easy to apply. With broad spectrum SPF 50 and SPF 30 protection, your kiddo will be good to go for up to 80 minutes of outdoor fun (under 6months, consult your pediatrician).

Hand Sanitizer — Now more than ever we are trying to keep our little ones away from icky germs (easier said than done, right?!). Our Hand Sanitizer comes in a convenient spray in three fresh, clean scents. Spritz those mitts and let the 62.5% high grade denatured alcohol do it’s thang.

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