We wanted to start the new year on a positive and hopeful note and what better way to do that than remember the first few moments after meeting your brand new little one? Whether you had your baby yesterday or 10 years ago, had a surrogate, adopted or came to be a mama some other way we asked you to share a picture of you meeting your little one for the first time over on Instagram. The amazing moments and photos that you shared were just what we needed to jump into a brand new year feeling hopeful for the future and just so darn grateful to be able to care for these sweet little ones. Check out our featured mamas below and what they wanted to share about these magical moments and if you’re looking for a seriously good sob sesh check out the full collection of posts at the #tubbytoddnewborn hashtag.

“Looking back on my Maxwell. A lot happened in 2020, lots of lows, but also some pretty great highs. Born in a year no one will ever forget.” —⁠⠀

Jeriel Santiago- 2018 🤎 @tubbytodd Thank you for bringing me back to the day I became a mom” —@nancyobas_

 “I can’t believe Max is already 4 months old. He was so tiny and now he has rolls for days!” —@whitneyswhereabouts⁠⠀

“Day 1 with sweet, docile Devon Marie. Thanks @tubbytodd for reminding me take a dip into my old photos. I can’t even begin to list all the emotions running through my body and soul this day but number one was RELIEF. I’ve been the mom who comes to the hospital and leaves without the baby I had been carrying in my womb.
That kind of experience is harrowing and humbling. I am beyond grateful for our two healthy babies 💕” —@ourlarsonlife

“The moment I met Ari and became a mom, easily one of the best moments of my life. I was breathless, taken aback at how much I already loved him, and just wanted to cry cry cry all the happy tears. I want to relive it a million times over!♥️♥️♥️” —@clairealexis

I begged the nurse to let me go see my girls. I had Cody take a picture and come show me, but seeing them on a screen didn’t ease the ache. Against protocol, I had Cody wheel me to the NICU early. I saw Nettie and Lottie first here, pure perfection x2, sleeping in warmers as you can see. A NICU nurse asked if I wanted to hold my daughters. “YES!” I said eagerly. Right then however, blood began to pour out of me, quickly puddled at my feet. My first time feeling my daughter’s warm little bodies on my chest, wouldn’t be for hours and hours to come.” —@doublingdownmom

“That first look at our first baby never gets old.. such a beautiful memory that I cherish and am beyond thankful that it was captured!! How has it been almost 3 years since we welcomed our sweet Hazel Grace into this world?!” —@itsaberrygreatlife

“Pregnancy during covid wasn’t easy. Labor/delivery didn’t get any better… but I’m so grateful for our little ball of joy! He’s growing everyday and he’s so perfect.

I’m over here reminding myself of how blessed we are and looking at these pictures of baby boy after my csection delivery, and it has me smiling from ear to ear.

We were hospitalized for a week after delivery and we didn’t get any sleep. I watched him sleep literally and every time they came to re-test his numbers due to jaundice, I was almost crying (who am I kidding, I couldn’t stop crying) because I didn’t want him to go through anything else. I was built for this motherhood thing. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Ps. We were so exhausted but the joy in our hearts kept us going!” —@lovejerrina

“Yesterday, I shared a sweet memory of us meeting our precious daughter for the first time 18 months ago and so many of you told me about the #tubbytoddnewborn challenge going down.
So of course I had to join in. I’ll never miss an opportunity to relive this moment over and over and give it permanent space in my feed. This day will never grow old to us. The beauty. The sorrow. The grief. The pain. The joy. The redemption. And the gosh darn presence of Jesus.” —@forwearesaltandlight

“My baby Gideon will be 8 months old on the 9th. How has it been 8 months?!?! This is my hands down favorite photo from 2020. I was so frustrated my mom couldn’t fly in to be there ( Covid-19/ Hawaii), but so thankful Matt could be in the room. I am so grateful for smartphones, and so grateful Matt thought to pull his phone out in this moment. To have this moment forever captured is a gift I’ll never be able to repay.” —@smilewithglee

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