Heather Taylor at home
(Photo: Nicki Sebastian)

Hello Pear Blossom, hello Heather Taylor Home, hello SPRING! Our newest collaborator is a designer, entertainer extraordinaire, entrepreneur and mama of two! We checked in with Heather Taylor on mom life, skincare, and her never ending love of gingham below—check it out and get inspired!


Q: Talk to us about designing your home to make every day feel like a celebration.
A: I think that layering in color and pattern is a big one. Those two things can create so much richness and life within a space. I love for a room to feel optimistic and bright! 

Q: How do you bring that philosophy into life and motherhood?
A: I try not to overthink things and make decisions that will make me and the people around me happy. Any friday night dinner can feel like a party if you take a couple tiny steps to make it extra fun. 

Q: Is there such a thing as too much gingham?!
A: I don’t think so! I love mixing it in with stripes and other patterns to create some variety. Gingham is a classic. It will never go out of style. 

Q: Finish this sentence: Life with two girls is…
A: …my dream come true. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your girls at these ages?
A: They are both at magical stages – Goldie (3) still loves to live inside a fantasy world. We play family and Rapunzel and any imagination-based game she wants. Scarlett (6) is becoming a big girl and I’m amazed by her curiosity and the person she is becoming.

Q: What do you hope to teach them about being women?
A: My focus is on teaching them about kindness and giving back. 

Q: We can’t leave without acknowledging your gorgeous skin… let us in on the secret! What are your go-to skincare essentials?
All the beauty counter products are really amazing and I feel good knowing that they are clean. Their brightening Vitamin C serum is my fave!


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