Best ways to use that dreamy, creamy moisturizer

You know that dreamy, creamy moisturizer that everyone raves about? We are also obsessed! That’s why we reached out on our Instagram stories to see how all of YOU like to use DREAM CREAM! The amount of responses we got was overwhelming. We love to know how you use Tubby Todd products in your home, especially when each of them can be used so differently. Take a look at some of the fan favorite ways to Dream Cream in your home:

On pregnant bellies

If you’re expecting a new babe, Dream Cream is a great moisturizer for your growing belly to keep it moisturized and soft while nourishing the elasticity in your skin.

Brave the elements

As the weather gets cooler (no matter where you are), the wind picks up, and the air is dry, Dream Cream will soothe those dry patchy spots that get red and chapped in the fall and winter months.

As a bedtime ritual

Parents love to apply Dream Cream right before bed—with it’s shea butter and mint scent, not only does it get that soft baby skin nice and dreamy, but it also adds a calming touch to those sleepy eyes before bed.

Combined with AOO

For double the moisture and twice as fast results, try pairing Dream Cream with All Over Ointment to prevent breakouts that show up during the night. Try applying the Dream Cream as a base moisturizer for the entire body, and end with spot treating extra dry patches with AOO.

In the little crevices

It’s second nature for us to apply Dream Cream to the places on our body that are most exposed, but don’t forget about those little crevices—like the toes! Just because your feet are covered most of the day, doesn’t mean they don’t need moisture too. Apply in between toes and on the soles of the feet for optimal results.

Same goes for pretty little faces

The best thing about Dream Cream? Its all natural ingredients make it safe to apply on the face as an everyday moisturizer! Don’t be afraid to use this as a face lotion, on yourself and your little ones. (Watch out for your little one’s eyes!)

Red chapped cheeks

Dream Cream is your on-the-go, in-the-house, take-with-you all the time moisturizer. Also, it’s perfect for ANY type of weather like post-sun for soothing sunburns and in the cold for moisturizing chapped skin. We recommend lathering like it matters on those cold and red chapped cheeks to make sure your babe’s face is smooth and kissable!

Do you have any other recommendations on the best uses for Dream Cream? Comment below and we will add them! Get yours and your babe’s skin ready for the winter and order Dream Cream—now available in an 8 oz tube.


xx Team Tubby

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