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We Love These Tubby Todd Dads

We asked you to tell us why your Tubby Todd dad is the absolute best and you did not disappoint! We received almost 600 submissions (incredible!!) and we have laughed (and cried!) reading through every one of your sweet stories. We can truly sense your love for these dads and the way that they take care of their families—and we love them too! It was an impossible task but we’ve narrowed down the submissions to the fifteen featured here. Grab some tissues and read up on these #tubbytodddads. Happy Father’s Day weekend!

TT Dad: Ahmed Alsayadi
TT Dad: Corbin Bautista
TT Dad: Barry Pillow
TT Dad: Arawa Elkington
TT Dad: Jake Thompson
TT Dad: Mark Patterson
TT Dad: Wes Miller
TT Dad: Yoan Rodr
TT Dad: Ian Berge
TT Dad: Ryan Sutherlin
TT Dad: Van Nguyen
TT Dad: Cass Alexandre
TT Dad: Derek Abshire
TT Dad: Edwin Neal
TT Dad: Matthew Araiza

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