A 3-Step Solution for Baby’s Irritated Skin

A baby’s skin is smooth as silk and softer than a thousand feathers. Right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. That perfect baby skin can become irritated once it comes in contact with the world around it.

Chemicals in products, irritants in fabric, saliva, poop—even wind—can take a toll on sensitive skin. Their symptoms range from uncomfortable to downright painful. Too often, we parents try everything to help them, only to come up empty-handed.

That’s what happened to us! Our second babe, Walker Todd, has sensitive skin and we tried everything over the counter, under the sun, and through the grapevine to help. Nothing worked. As Walker’s skin worsened, we started experimenting with essential oils and other natural ingredients to develop our own wash that soothed his skin. We went on to create a lotion and ointment to condition his sensitive, eczema-prone skin and help retain moisture.

Since then, thousands of parents have used our Tubby Todd 3-Step Solution to hydrate and condition their own babies’ tender skin. You can shop all three products together in our Regulars Bundle!

Step 1: Wash with Tubby Todd Hair and Body Wash. This natural wash is free of artificial fragrances. It gently cleans but also moisturizes and hydrates baby’s skin during bathtime.

Step 2: Apply Tubby Todd Everyday Lotion. Best applied directly after bathtime to moist skin, our Everyday Lotion is filled with gentle ingredients to hydrate and soften.

Step 3: Cover the skin with Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment. This balm for everything is really a love-child between a salve and an ointment. With a beeswax base, it creates a natural barrier that locks in the moisture of the ointment and keeps out wind and other elements that might be irritating to the skin.

By repeating Steps 2 and 3 at every diaper change you can help condition your baby’s skin. If further irritation persists, it may be worth a trip to the dermatologist.

There’s nothing worse than watching your baby suffer, not knowing how to help. Don’t worry, on this one, we’ve got you covered (literally!). For more information about Tubby Todd’s bath and skincare products (they’re all made with sensitive little ones in mind!) visit tubbytodd.com.


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